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Innovation Research

Zhongxing Equipment is a national key high-tech enterprise with nearly 150 professional and technical personnel, who account for 22% of the company's total staff. We are the responsible unit for the energy equipment of seamless stainless-steel pipes working team of Standardization Administration, and the National Engineering Research Center for Advanced Iron and Steel Materials Technology. In addition, we have established the National Postdoctoral Research Workstation and the Provincial Academician Workstation, and have cooperated with Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, University of Science and Technology Beijing, Shanghai University, Tianjin University, as well as domestic and foreign industry experts and technical researchers to tackle key technical problems. Our R&D investment accounts for 3% of the company's annual sales revenue. Zhongxing Equipment has a complete core technology for manufacturing special pipe fittings for energy engineering. It has obtained more than 20 invention patents, formulated or participated in the formulation of 16 industrial national standards, and filled 21 domestic gaps.


National and industry standards that we have formulated and participated in formulating:

1. GB/T 31925 method for ultrasonic inspection of thick-walled seamless steel pipes
2. GB/T 31928 seamless stainless-steel pipes for ships
3. GB/T 33167 seamless stainless-steel pipes for industrial furnaces in petrochemical hydrogenation units
4. GB 24512.3 seamless steel pipes for nuclear power stations - Part 3: seamless stainless-steel pipes
5. YB/T 4331 large-diameter seamless steel pipes of alloy structure for fluid conveying
6. YB/T 4332 large-diameter seamless steel pipes of carbon structure for fluid conveying
7. YB/T 4330 large-diameter austenite seamless stainless-steel pipes
8. B/T 4300 statically casted hollow pipe billet
9. YB/T 4610 resin ceramic composite steel pipe
10. Seamless stainless-steel pipe for oxygen piping
11. Small-diameter seamless stainless-steel pipes
12. Seamless stainless-steel pipes with very thin wall
13. Seamless austenitic stainless-steel pipes for high pressure hydrogen treatment
14. Seamless stainless-steel pipes for liquefied natural gas
15. Welded stainless-steel pipes for water supply
16. Stainless-steel bellows and fittings for fluid delivery



Type: National key new product planning project

Name: Special forgings for AP1000 reactor control rod drive mechanism


Type: Jiangsu Province Science and Technology Planning Project 

Name: Key manufacturing technology of high safety integral storage tank for high level radioactive waste storage


Type: Jiangsu Province Scientific and Technological Achievements Transformation Project

Name: Research, development and industrialization of key manufacturing technologies for control rod drive mechanism components for third-generation nuclear power reactors


Type: Specialized small giant enterprise intelligent upgrade project of 2019 provincial special fund for industrial and information industry transformation and upgrading

Name: R & D of new technology of high-performance metal material series products such as stainless-steel forging rod and TP304H seamless tube


Type: Specialized small giant enterprise cultivation project of 2019 provincial special fund for industrial and information industry transformation and upgrading

Name: R & D and industrialization of special forgings for AP1000 reactor control rod drive mechanism


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