Sustainable Development
It is our responsibility to protect environment. While developing, the company strives to achieve the harmonious development of human and social environment.
Green Office

Green Office

Green office has always been advocated in the company. In office activities, a paperless office platform is adopted to process official documents online through the network, so as to reduce paper cons
Green Energy

Green Energy

The company has invested a lot of money to build low-temperature liquid natural gas stations and photovoltaic distributed power station for self-use. The excess electricity is connected to the Interne
Green Technology

Green Technology

The company endeavors to build an information management platform with ERP, MES and SAP as the core, as well as world-leading productions lines of welded pipes and seamless pipes. For example, the ult
Green and Healthy

Green and Healthy

The company's architectural design and construction has always been through the concept of green and environmental protection, and the main body of the factory are steel truss structure. At the stage
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Sustainable Development/EHS

The sustainable development of an enterprise depends on the sustainable living environment. Zhongxing Equipment pursues the mutual prosperity of people, technology and environment. It has invested a lot of manpower material resources and funds in energy conservation and environmental protection. So far, the company's overall rainwater and sewage separation project and the transformation of the rainwater pool in the primary stage have been completed to ensure the collection and centralized treatment of rainwater in the factory. The comprehensive dust removal system has been installed in steel workshops. Circulating treatment of pickling sewage and centralized treatment of production sewage are realized. Domestic sewage is treated in a centralized station after collection and then discharged to the municipal pipe network.

Meanwhile, Zhongxing Equipment concentrates on process innovation, simplifies process flow and reduces energy consumption on the basis of ensuring product quality. Through the transformation of pickling passivation process, the pickling passivation solution with less pollution is selected for production to reduce pollution. The new precision cold rolling technology is developed and single deformation is increased by powerful deformation, by which the technology is simplified to reduce energy consumption. In the cold rolling process, there is no need to apply oil. In this way, green and clean production is realized, and all pollutants are collected and processed by qualified units. 


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